Nima Gluten Sensor Review

Nima Sensor did not provide any compensation or product for this review. This is based on our own experience with both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions of the gluten sensor and test capsules. Some links on this page are affiliateĀ links, and using them to purchase a Nima or Capsule pack will provide us with a contribution at no … Read More

Nima Tips: Getting a Good Food Sample

The most important part of testing for gluten with Nima is to make sure you get a good sample. Like any scientific experiment, the results will be best when you have a little something of everything you are looking to test. For salads, mix everything together with your fork and then try to take a small portion of each item … Read More

A Celiac Abroad

When our son was one year old and we were still living in the USA, he started to become food averse. He refused anything that we gave him, and even worse, when he did eat – it often made a return visit less than an hour later. His absolute favorite foods – like Chicken Nuggets or Mac & Cheese – … Read More