Drop Stoppers Review

I loved not having to pick this teether up off the airplane floor 28,432,012,309 times

Emmy using the Drop Stopper teether on our first flight.

Free Product Review of the Drop Stoppers. This product was provided to us to review but all of the opinions expressed below are entirely our own. I receive nothing from the links below except warm fuzzies that I saved you a lot of time and frustration. 

I don’t know about you but my kids drop things. ALL. THE. TIME. I thought that they were doing better about holding on to things but after testing out the Drop Stoppers, I think that I just got more accustomed to picking things up. I hadn’t noticed how much of our time out of the house was spent picking up sippy cups, toys, hats, etc. This may sound exaggerated but with three toddlers, it really is true.

I was so excited to get to try out The Drop Stoppers on our flights to the US and around the country on our 3 week trip. I hadn’t even considered using them while we were at Disney but I’m so glad we had them. We experimented with all the ways The Drop Stoppers could stop the drops.

Ease of Use

The suction cup is surprisingly easy to engage. I was able to easily set it up by myself in a way that the kids couldn’t pull it loose. The purple attachment rings are understandably hard to open but that was a plus in my book. This was still easy to accomplish by myself within a few seconds. I was very happy with how secure the rings were despite opening and closing them dozens of times over our trip.

The kids loved being able to pull their cups up. We had way less whining than normal over not being able to find their drinks. My two year old girls were able to get the sippy cup rings onto their cups by themselves but had a harder time getting them off. What parent doesn’t love less work setting something up?


Just try to lose the hat, I dare you.

Keeping up with both a hat and sippy by attaching the rings directly to my carrier.

Since our kids can’t all sit together while flying, we experimented with the purple rings. We were able to attach them directly to the bar under the tray table or thread the seat belt through a loop. There’s no shortage of ways to attach the Drop Stopper to an airplane seat.

I was able to easily attach the rings to my baby carrier (Twin Go Carrier) to use throughout the day. This is excellent since my kids like to “hold” onto their cups and drop them at the first opportunity.

We discovered at Disney that one of our girls is allergic to sunscreen and had to keep a hat on her all day. She loves hats but loves the “Drop it” game even more. While it looks a little silly, we were able to use a Drop Stopper to keep up with this hat. Each time she took it off there was a slight pull on my shoulder so I could tell her to put it back on. No sunburns here!


The suction cup on the Drop Stoppers work really well on surfaces that aren’t porous. On Lufthansa, the tray tables and arm rests are porous but we were able to suction it directly to their car seat. We had no trouble finding plenty of surfaces to attach to on Southwest airplanes. The suction cup worked great on several tables while dining throughout our week at Disney. We were even able to suction to one of the rails on our stroller if we got it into the right place.

We jokingly call one of our twins Hercules because of her seemingly super human strength. I expected to have problems with her pulling at the Drop Stopper when suctioned and was amazed that she couldn’t move it at all.

Ring Quality

Hidden feature: Her sister on the left couldn't see the cup! Fight Free storage.

Example of one of the ways we used the Drop Stoppers to keep up with sippy cups.

As an engineer, I love the combination of hard rings and soft rings in the same product. The hard rings are durable and great for keeping items securely attached. The soft rings add the flexibility and keep the kids from putting too much tension into the chain. This keeps them from being able to pull the suction cup free or from putting too much stress onto the purple ring attachment. The kids tested this repeatedly by pulling in every direction.

The rings held up incredibly with only a little bit of white showing up on the attachment rings from opening and closing them frequently.


They loved having a teether in easy reach and it kept them from chewing on their own clothes. The teether was way better quality than I expected. My girls wanted it even when we weren’t using the Drop Stopper. They rarely use teethers and annoyingly choose to chew on things that I prefer they didn’t so this is a huge win!

Having additional ring sets was critical for us with multiples. We will definitely be ordering even more of them. While you can hook multiple things to one ring set, it was nice to have one ring for toys and one for bigger items like sippy cups so that they didn’t get weighed down while playing.

Hey guys! We're not the aliens, they're tall and blue.

We may have gotten stares but at least we weren’t constantly stopping to pick things up!

Overall Satisfaction with the Drop Stoppers

If you can’t tell already, we give Drop Stoppers a raving review and plan to order another set for ourselves. They were a perfect solution for the kid that drops things, oh wait, EVERY baby. You will not be disappointed as the amazing design makes this product usable by everyone. If you’re a mom of multiples, let me save you a lot of time and click here to order now. You NEED this product and I wish I’d had it for years now.

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