Twenty Eighteen in Review: Oh Look, It’s Another Moving Truck!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Oh Twenty Eighteen, how have you challenged us? This year has literally been a rollercoaster for us. Unexpected and unpredictable at every turn. If you’re not familiar with our story this year here’s the whole long story: We began the year bouncing back and forth between the US and Russia around … Read More

Welcome to Sweden!

The chaos has recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden! We have been a little quiet on our blog here, but we intend to start publishing more regularly. We are still working on what that will be, but expect great tips on visiting Sweden (especially Stockholm for now!), life as an expat, and our adventures in gluten free (pro tip: if you … Read More

A Series of Unfortunate Events in Helsinki

Have you ever had a trip where everything went wrong? A year ago today, we were finishing up a trip to Finland with our toddlers that we affectionately call “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Although we’d moved to Moscow a few months earlier, it was our first trip abroad that we were entirely self reliant with the kids rather than … Read More

How to Setup Kindle Fire Kids Edition

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet (and the smaller HD 8 Edition) is one of our favorite items, especially for travel. We often get asked on how we set them up, and we have compiled this guide to help others. We will be updating it with even more tips and tricks over the next few days. Adding your Kindle Fire … Read More

5 Top Sites in Moscow With a Baby or Toddler

Planning a trip to Moscow with a baby or toddler? Looking for the best activities with your baby or toddler? These are our 5 top sites in Moscow with a baby or toddler. Visiting Red Square and Christ the Savior are given for when you’re in Moscow. The sites on our list are the most engaging or surprisingly fun places to … Read More

Moscow with a Baby or Toddler – Logistics

Want to travel to Moscow but you don’t know where to start? Already have a trip planned but your concerned about getting around the city? Here’s our favorite tips in regards to visas, airports, and getting around Moscow with a baby or toddler. Looking for activities with kids instead? Click here. Getting to Russia Visas Most visitors to Russia need … Read More

International and Long Haul Twin Flight Tips

Planning a long flight with toddler or infant twins? If you’re like me you’re more than a little terrified at being in a limited space with other people and your tiny humans. Yeah, I’m still a little terrified each time but these tips are how we’ve survived going all over the globe with our babies and toddlers and kept most … Read More

CARES Tips for Secure Fit

CARES Harness on Child

Planning on flying with a CARES harness? Worried about installing the CARES for a secure fit? Here’s our step by step guide for installation. The guide that comes with the CARES found here is great but when trying to quickly install multiple harnesses I wish I would have had a few more tips and pictures after watching the video. Installation … Read More

Twins Plus One Stroller Guide

Are you having twins and already have a toddler? Are you wondering how you will transport all of these little people efficiently? Then you’re in the right place! This is our guide for twins plus one stroller options that we’ve used. Many of these options work great if you already have twins (or two toddlers close in age) and are … Read More