5 Top Sites in Moscow With a Baby or Toddler

Planning a trip to Moscow with a baby or toddler? Looking for the best activities with your baby or toddler? These are our 5 top sites in Moscow with a baby or toddler. Visiting Red Square and Christ the Savior are given for when you’re in Moscow. The sites on our list are the most engaging or surprisingly fun places to take your littlest travelers. Need more tips about getting around Moscow, click here.


1. Gorky Park

Gorky Park has stunning views of the Moscow River with many playgrounds and open areas for children of all ages to play. No matter the season, the park is always alive with outdoor festivals. In winter many sidewalks are covered in ice to skate on throughout the park. There is something for every age. Learn More

Gorky Park during an athletics exhibition

2. Experimentanium Children’s Museum

This children’s museum is three floors full of interactive activities for all ages (adults included). This museum is full of learning activities about all things science from vehicles to optics. Learn More

Playing with one of hundreds of interactive learning stations at Experimentarium

3. Bolshoi Theater

While catching the amazing ballets at this iconic theater might not be possible on your trip, the fountains and park in front of the theater are stunning. This area is one of our favorite to let our toddlers down for a few minutes while exploring the center of the city. While it’s a popular site, there are usually less crowds than the nearby Red Square. Be sure to check out Revolution Square and see what local foods you can get in the market or ride the carousel.

The Bolshoi Fountain

4. Royal Radisson River Cruise

The Kremlin as seen from the River Cruise

The Moscow river cruise is a fantastic way to see many of the best sites of Moscow quickly. During the weekend, the cruise line has special attendants to help entertain children. If your trip is during the winter, you can ride on one of the specially equipped icebreaker ships. Learn More


5. Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoo is always a treat. The entire zoo is stroller and handicap accessible making it easy to navigate. The zoo has all of the favorites as well as a couple of unique animals. Wagons are available to rent at the main zoo entrance. Learn More

Checking out animals at the Moscow Zoo