Thank You First Responders

This is an open thank you to all of those that keep us safe, from the ones we know personally to those that shoulder this burden without ever meeting us. From the first responders at home to the military and security officers abroad. You run into danger and carry an unfathomable mental load so that we and our children don’t have to. I can never thank you enough.

With recent events so close to one of our “homes” it is hard to not feel as if the world has become a terrifying place. In these moments, I focus not on those that cause these tragedies but those that rush to our rescue. They selflessly respond to save as many as they can while knowing if they walk back out, they will never be the same.

My kids have had the opportunity to spend time with so many of these everyday heros. From my cousin who made their day with his firetruck, to the Marine that convinced them that he wouldn’t let monsters into our embassy, to the friend who stops by in his police uniform just to play. They have an appreciation for these people not because we have taught them to (we do that to) but because of the love they’ve seen pouring out of them.

One request, don’t focus on the shooter. Focus on the victims and their families. Focus on the first responders. Focus on the children who have had their lives changed in the worst way. Focus on disrupting this disgusting cycle in our schools. Focus on change.

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